Introduction to my blog

Hi guys and welcome to my blog. I am 21 years old and I am a fourth year Veterinary Nursing student. Obviously I love animals and enjoy studying them, and as Vet Nurse I have the ability to help animals.  I am quite a shy quiet person but having started uni I definitely feel more confident in myself. I am currently obsessed with the TV shows game of thrones and Orange is the new black and have just binge watched them both over summer, I regret nothing.

I’ve never been one to “shout” my opinion out to others so I thought I’d start a blog to express my opinion and share ideas. My blog isn’t going to be on a specific topic, I just want to write about anything in life. So it could be about a book that I’m loving to some advice about University or a beauty product to some creative stuff. Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you guys enjoy it, please follow if you want to read more.

You can follow me on Instagram at Blogger_rachael and Twitter at rachyrachh1
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  1. Hi Rachel! I'm new here and hope you can follow me too. :) i already followed you on IG & Twitter! btw, you're so fast that you have lots of post already. good job! i hope i can do it too. cheers new virtual friend! hehe!

    1. Hi Belle, I have followed your blog and your social media. I look forward to your posts :). And cheers, I've been working hard to get lots of posts up.


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