University Checklist

So I'm headed back to uni on Sunday and I've had to start packing now as I'm away seeing Mcfly from Wednesday to Saturday (super excited!). It made me think of all the things that you do and don't need for uni cause if it doesn't all fit in the car then you probably don't need it. Every uni is different with what is and isn't included in halls of residence so make sure you check beforehand. This may be too late for some of you who have already started but I hope you still find this useful.

NYX Makeup Haul

Hi guys, just got back from a trip to Oxford with my sister and I'm am buzzing cause I finally found NYX makeup in a UK store (Boots). I have literally been trying to get hold of NYX makeup in the UK for ages and I thought I'd just have to get loads of products if and when I go to America. But now I don't have to and that makes me so happy!


My Beauty Wishlist

Hey guys. There are so many amazing beauty products out there and I thought I'd make a wishlist of some of the make-up products that I'd love to get.

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