Loving the gingerbread scent

I know gingerbread is a festive scent and it is not quite Christmas yet but I am currently loving the gingerbread scent. It just reminds me of baking gingerbread but without having to go through the effort of actually making them, which is great.

Gingerbread is very much associated as festive scent around Christmas. But I really don't think it's restricted to only being used at Christmas- I use it all year round and I'm not ashamed.

 The Zoella hand cream is perfect just to chuck in your bag when you're going out in this kind of weather. it keeps your hand hydrated and makes them smell amazing, so it's a win-win. Not gonna lie, I do often find myself just smelling the cream... and my hands after I've put it on.

Now, my favourite candle of last year was the Gingerbread House Tuscany candle which I managed to get half price from Clintons just after Christmas. It has up to 50 hours of burning time and I still have it nearly a year later. So pleased with this purchase. I had never heard of this brand of candle until buying this one and I have bought another one in Cinnamon Spice and I absolutely love the brand now.

Let me know if you have other scented candles from the brand in the comments below and let me know hat you think of them.

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