Bristol Zoo Photo Diary

One of my favourite things I love to do is go an day trips, whether it's to a city, a castle or a zoo. Where ever I go I do like to take a lot of pictures and now that I have a DSLR camera I can take much better pictures. This post is different to the ones I have done before but I really want to capture the things I get up to in these photo diaries.

Mini New Look Haul

Popped into town this morning and of course had to pay a visit to New Look despite not actually needing anything, as per usual, and I picked up a few things.

Seeing Ed Sheeran in Manchester!

Well this was a long time ago, like April last year long time ago. But it was an absolutely amazing experience and I have been meaning to write about it since. And I am only getting round to it now, which is a shame. 

Now I have been a fan of Ed Sheeran for a couples of years now and as soon as I heard his Divide album I was blown away by his music. He is literally perfection, my favourite artist my miles. 

So back in April I has a 3 hour train journey (oh the joys) up to Manchester to meet my best friend. We checked into our hotel, after finally finding it after searching all around the city for it, and then got ready to head out to the Manchester Arena. 

The arena itself was humongous and I was very much overwhelmed by the size of it. I had never been in an arena before so it was such an exciting new experience. Ed's singing and guitar playing was amazing throughout the whole show and I did not want it to stop at the end of the night. 

Typically I was next to one of the most annoying couples ever and the girl constantly kept singing (badly) at the top of her lungs to every song which I could also hear on some of my videos. Now I don't mind people enjoying themselves and singing along but it got to the point when it was just too much. Despite that I still enjoyed Ed.

I absolutely love Ed Sheeran and he deserves every ounce of success that he has had and is still yet to come.

Please let me know if you are a fan of Ed Sheeran and if you have or are going to see him perform live. If you haven't then you definitely need to. I'm going again in June and I cannot wait. Sorry that these pictures are not the best but I did the best I could.

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