Spring Fashion Wish List

Hello lovelies and welcome back to another blog post. I was just getting a bit of uni revision done but now I've got into bed and decided that I wanted to write this blog post. With all this cold snowy weather in the UK it's hard to imagine that spring is in fact just around the corner. It made me think about the clothes I would love to get my hands on for spring. So here are a couple of things I've found throughout the internet and of course Pinterest. 

❤️For literally the past month I have been so desperate for a pair of black and white vans. I have never owned a pair of vans before but when I do these will definitely be my first. Just going to have to accept the fact that i'm gonna have to part on more than £20 for a pair of shoes, #studentbudget. These would look great with either a pair of black or denim jeans which is ideal. 

Sometimes in the UK we can have quite nice weather in spring and the sun does come out between all the rain showers. So for those sunny days in spring a loose, floaty but still smart crop shirt is a need. This top is literally £5.24 from a online website called Romwe. You may have heart of it before, there has been quite a lot of hype about it and mixed opinions. I personally really like it, you do have to be careful with some things that you order but the majority of things I've bought I literally wear all the time and love. 

Another item from Romwe is just some basic black ripped jeans. I have never actually owned a pair of black jeans but I'm definitely swaying towards getting some this spring. Especially for £13.12 you just can't argue with that. These would go really nicely with the black and white striped shirt.  

Ripped Overalls

You may be able to tell from my top picture that I am a fan of dungarees, but I only have one pair, ahhh. I am determined to find the perfect pair of denim dungarees for this spring. I absolutely love the style of the ones in the picture. I would also wear a stripy top underneath cause I LOVE stripy tops, trust me.

Super cute style

The final item on my wish list is the very casual pineapple t-shirt, cause why not. I'm really into plain t-shirts with a simple object printed or embroidered on the top. I think it's so simple it actually adds more to the look than a really busy top. I have a couple tops like this and they are my faves out of all my tops.

*All pictures are from Pinterest apart from the first which is my own.  Thanks for reading this post. Any of these in your wish list? 
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Rachael xx


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