I'm going to South Africa

Hello lovelies, so as the title says I'm going to South Africa. As you are reading this (Sunday morning) I will be sat in the airport (for the first time)on my own, hopefully not panicking too much. I guess you could describe it as a working holiday as I'm going to volunteer on a nature reserve but will have time for leisure activities.


My favourite place in Cornwall

Hello lovelies, as summer is coming to an end now with slightly cooler temperatures, it got me thinking about the past summers when I have visited my favourite place in the UK. Cornwall. It has been one of my favourite places for as long as I can remember just because it is so beautiful and peaceful. I must say the majority of time that I've been the weather has been pretty miserable, oh the typical English weather. However, when the weather is good Cornwall is one of the prettiest places to visit.


Day out: Twycross zoo

Hello lovelies and welcome back to my blog. I am aware that I have been a bit quite for the past few months but that is because I was busy with uni work and exams and literally had zero time to blog. But I am back and have some time now to write some more posts. So to start with I went to Twycross Zoo with my boyfriend at the weekend awhich I wanted to share with you as another photo diary, so I hope you enjoy.

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