Day out: Twycross zoo

Hello lovelies and welcome back to my blog. I am aware that I have been a bit quite for the past few months but that is because I was busy with uni work and exams and literally had zero time to blog. But I am back and have some time now to write some more posts. So to start with I went to Twycross Zoo with my boyfriend at the weekend awhich I wanted to share with you as another photo diary, so I hope you enjoy.

These are a selection of my favourite pictures from the zoo. If you have ever been to Twycross then you know that they have a lot of monkeys there. 

Did you know that Flamingos stand on one leg to reduce heat loss? I didn't know that was the reason either.

I've never actually realised how big Pelicans were until I saw them in person. Their throat pouch can also hold up to 3 gallons of water which is insane.

I think after taking this picture I have finally decided that the Leopard is probably my favourite animal. They are just absolutely beautiful.

Shortly after taking this picture as wasp flew up to the Meerkat and scared it away. I was doing the exact same when we were trying to have our picnic (I'm not a fan of wasps).

I can only assume that there was once vegetation on those branches, but it didn't last long.

When I was taking this picture I was actually trying to get the Penguin in the water behind this one but my auto focus had other plans and I did like the outcome.

Thank you for reading my blog pot and I hope you enjoyed the pictures. 
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Question of the day- which is your favourite zoo? Mine is Chester Zoo

Rachael x


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