I'm going to South Africa

Hello lovelies, so as the title says I'm going to South Africa. As you are reading this (Sunday morning) I will be sat in the airport (for the first time)on my own, hopefully not panicking too much. I guess you could describe it as a working holiday as I'm going to volunteer on a nature reserve but will have time for leisure activities.

This is just a quick update post to just say that I will be away for the end of August and the majority of September with limited access to wifi. I have got posts scheduled for once a week so my blog won't go completely quiet. The trip itself will involve me volunteering on a nature reserve in the South East area of South Africa with mainly big cats. 

I'm hoping that I will be so inspired afterwards to write a couple posts about South Africa. Even though I'm not taking my DSLR camera with me, I am hoping to still be able to take some great pictures of my phone. 

I'm super super excited to be going as I've literally wanted to do this since I was a child. If there are any great places or things I should do in my free time then let me  know in the comments below.

Rachael x

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  1. I was alone for the first time travelling too (exactly a yr ago). Best experience of my life! I hope you have a great trip!!



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