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Hello lovelies and for the first time I have a collab post, which is so exciting because I have never done one before. I was in the need of changing up my phone case and CaseApp were kind enough to gift me two phone cases, thank you CaseApp. 
*This blog post is in collaboration with CaseApp and phone cases were gifted*

So who is CaseApp?
CaseApp is a Swedish company who make high quality custom phone cases and laptop skins. You can check out their Instagram here

My cases
First of all, being a lover of animals and watercolour I needed a case that had both and the fox case was rather cute. I don't know about you but I don't like weekdays and I am always wanting it to be Friday so it only seemed right I had a phone case to reflect my mood as well. So on first impression I thought it was really cute that the cases came in a little pouch, I will definitely be keeping that to my cases safe when I'm not using one. 

These phone cases cost £19 each which is lot of money for a phone case but I have spent that much on a phone case before from a different company and was disappointed (not going to name names). So I wanted to see how these compared and whether they were any good. When a phone case is sturdy and does what its meant to then something that's going to protect your phone is worth the money.

So the cases are made out of a hard plastic which at first I was a little concerned about but they are not flimsy at all (I tried to give them a bit of a bend but nothing happened). They were also a good snug fit which means that if I drop my phone the case if not just going to fall off and be useless.

There are so many different phone case designs on the website that there is something for everyone. It literally took me forever to pick one cause I loved so many of them. You can also get personalised phone cases and laptop skins of your own pictures or designs which is really cool. When I was in Edinburgh I took my favourite picture ever and will definitely be putting that on a phone case.

I hope you enjoyed my post. Let me know where you love to get your phone cases from in the comments. If you are interested in any phone cases or laptop skins then you can visit their website here and I have a discount code for 20% off which is RACHAELBLOG20 until 14th Feb, Valentines day.

Rachael x


  1. I would like a new phone case, I'll have a look and see if they do my phone :)

    Donna |

  2. Congratulations on your first collab, that's so exciting!!
    The phone cases do look nice, and the fox one is super cute haha!
    I'm lucky when my mum changed phone she just gave me her old phone case so I wouldn't need to buy one.
    But honestly, I agree that sometimes you might just need to put in the extra pounds so that it actually does something. A few years back I bought cases off amazon at around £5-£8 and they were quite thin and broke pretty easily. Idk how much my mum payed for the case I have now, but it's so much better quality and so it's very worth it ! x

    1. Thank you so much, I was pretty excited about this collab. I used to be the same with buying cheap cases of Amazon but since getting my new phone over a year ago I've wanted better quality and actually nice looking cases so I'd started spending a little more money on nice cases x

  3. Ouh I love this! I’ve never heard of them! These look awesome though ��


    1. I hadn't either but I really love their cases

  4. I love that fox phone case. My one is clear, so I'm really inspired to get something cuter!


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